June 1, 2016

Lakeside Geese

Geese look victorious when they spread their wings, don't they!

While we're looking at geese, let's check into the two goslings. They are growing and doing well. I've seen them follow their parents when our neighbor Sonny scatters corn on the other side of the lake, eagerly gobbling it up practically at his feet!


  1. Lovely set of photo's Linda ... it's nice to see black and white ones, although I loved the photo of Flash in your previous post.

    Aren't those Goslings cute!

    All the best Jan

  2. Indeed....now that you mention it...victorious is a GREAT description as are your photos.

  3. The first shot should be a card with the caption Spread Your Wings! Graduation maybe?

  4. These are great, and I especially like them in black and white.

  5. I do like the goslings. Nice images.


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