June 24, 2016

Five Photos for Late June

1. I relish anomalies as seen in my last post. This picture is another example: Civil War soldiers at a modern festival in Winchester. By the way, there are some history events going on this weekend at Cedar Creek and Belle Grove.

2. My Town Shoot Out is celebrating Summer Joys today. I figured this fellow in an orange kayak fit the topic.  

3. PhotoFriday is looking for mountainous scenes today. All I have to do is look out my window!

4. Also seen from my window: a cute squirrel.

5. Here's a photo from 14 years ago. 

June 22, 2002
Have a great weekend!


  1. Another good contrast in clothing! The squirrel must be up to something.

  2. I like the river and mountain view shots. We had a good weekend here--quite warm, but good. :)


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