June 21, 2016

Blog Post #5600

On my blog anniversaries I shift gears and write about blogging or fill in some gaps about my own background.

One thing I like about blogging is the sense of community. There are many admirable people in my blogging circles and I enjoy hearing from them. Although I get behind in my commenting, I do enjoy seeing the variety of fine images that are posted every day.

Last night I made a change to the sidebar of this blog. I added a list of the linkups that I participate in most frequently. Also known as blog hops and linky parties, these are opportunities for bloggers to share their posts and find other blogs to visit.  One of the most popular ones that I visit is Skywatch Friday, with over 100 participants.

I've never hosted a blog hop myself because I feel that I already spend more time on the computer than is optimal. My eyes get tired, sometimes to the point that they just won't focus any longer. I really should take more frequent breaks but I tend to get absorbed in reading and creating.

[Note to self: Set a timer!]


  1. Got to admit I post a few of the ones I do but it's not as many as you have, not eve sure when my blog anniversary is

  2. Congrats on your so important goal, dearest Linda .. I do understand you, for I also spend too much time at the pc, much more than I could do, but I'm so enthralled by what you all post, by researching on the web, and so on !

    Enjoy your day, today, and the remainder of your week, sweetie, may it be joy-and-wonder filled,
    with love


  3. It is fun to ear regularly from blogging friends. You get to know a lot about them, and enjoy interesting travels from you desk.

  4. Congrats on your blog anniversary and 5600th post!

  5. Congratulations on another milestone! I think many of us get absorbed in reading and creating. I guess there are worse things we could be doing. :) Lovely picture of you.

  6. Congrats on your anniversary. Time does fly by when we spend time reading and creating. I find it hard sometimes to step back :) It's addicting to be creative but I love it!


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