June 6, 2016

A New Car for Lynn

The Good, The Random, and The Fun

The Good: My older daughter got a new car and it was paid for by insurance! She shopped online and by phone and found a great deal in Stafford. That's a couple of hours from her home so I drove her there to pick it up. Her friend Barb came along and we had a nice road trip.

Of course, there was a dark side to her good fortune: her lovely year-old car was recently totaled in an accident! She was not in the car; a friend had taken her to the the hospital and was taking her car home when someone hit him! Fortunately the car's safety features protected him from serious injury. But poor Lynn was in the emergency room suffering from gall bladder pain when she got the call that her beloved Nissan was wrecked. Talk about stress! Well, now she has a newer car, same model with some upgrades. And she is scheduled for gall bladder surgery this week.
The Random: We drove past Quantico Marine Base to get to the dealership. We stopped at a red light near the replica of the Iwo Jima Memorial and Barb and I both got a picture of it.

The Fun: We stopped for dinner in Dumfries before heading home. I lived near there some years ago but hadn't been back in a while.

Also amusing: A sticker I saw on a car that says "A dog is the only relative you get to choose."


  1. I hope your daughter's surgery goes fine. I do like that dog sticker :)

  2. Hope the surgery goes well. I'm sure she will enjoy the new car.

  3. Hope all goes fine. I have been out there to long ago, flying into the airbase adjacent to Quantico.

  4. I hope the recovery from surgery is going smoothly. The sculpture is a real stand out.

  5. well i am glad nobody was hurt in the accident and i love her new car...hope she is on the mend from surgery! love the dog sticker and totally agree...my husband was in the marine corps so we've been to that museum in quantico...it's amazing and if you haven't been you need to go! i don't think we've eaten at dumfries but it sounds familiar so maybe it is on our list!

  6. Hope your daughter's gall bladder surgery goes well, and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    All the best Jan

  7. That's an unfortunate way to get a new car, but I'm glad her friend wasn't hurt in the accident. I hope all goes well with the surgery. Cute sticker! :)


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