May 3, 2016

Spring in the Country Random-osity

I need a break from the television blaring in the next room with election-year pundits yelling and interrupting each other! So here I'm going back over some country scenes to remind myself that there is still beauty and serenity around us.

The Good:
Virginia's farms and ranches are gorgeous in the spring and I've got three pictures to prove it!

Sharing with The Barn Collective and Seasons

The Random: This headstone is in Berryville, Virginia near the old Josephine School. It marks the resting place of Thomas and Mary Laws. Thomas Laws was a slave who was recruited by Federal scouts in 1864 to pass through enemy lines and carry messages to a Unionist in Winchester, Rebecca Wright. She provided crucial information that Laws took back to the Federals.

Thomas Laws' identity as a spy was unknown for many years and he apparently lived out his life peacefully. However, Rebecca Wright's role was discovered and publicized shortly after the war, forcing her to leave town to escape the scorn of Southern sympathizers. General Sheridan helped her get a job with the U.S. Treasury Department and she worked there for many years.

Sharing with Tuesday's Treasures.

The Fun: Ducklings! Need I say more?


  1. I'm always fond of a red barn and the small one with the fences in great. Thanks so much Linda for joining in and please hurry back.

  2. The gravestone is quite poignant. Momma duck's always going to be watchful!

  3. The fences running up the hill is such a pretty scene with all that green grass. Love the duckling too! :)

  4. Some nice fences and of course the Momma duck showing the youngsters how things are done.

  5. Nice barns and an interesting treasure filled with history!

  6. I love that image with the double fence. So cool.

  7. Many thanks for being a part of SEASONS with the barn you linked:) Your comment about a fire in the forest made me laugh - am learning a lot about the country side these days:):) Love also the duckies, and the light blue house! Such peaceful scenes! It's good to take a break from the TV - since we now have a better idea which way we're going:)
    Have a peaceful rest of the week and "see" you the next SEASON post:)

  8. Definitely a great distraction from election stuff on t.v. We even get bombarded with information about your upcoming election on the news here. We will be wanting to hind from our own campaigns soon. Very pretty area and the ducklings are cute. Old headstones are interesting and this one certainly comes with a great story.

  9. Love the Va. countryside so much...always been a special place in my heart! The ducklings are so adorable! And what an interesting bit of history. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Priceless...and so darned cute those ducklings are. I'm sure glad you stopped in to add and share this with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.


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