May 24, 2016

Local Random-osity, May 2016

The Good: Flash seems to have recovered from his surgery two weeks ago. This is the first photo I've taken with his mouth open since he had a tooth extracted. He hasn't been smiling much; I think his mouth was sore.

The Random: Here's a nice red barn for this week's Barn Collective. This is in Waterlick, VA.

The Fun: I enjoy watching bird parents as they take care of their babies. 

Sorry about the blur! The bird flew out of their so fast I was lucky to get a shot at all.

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  1. Lovely photos. Glad Flash is feeling better - and love the bird pics!

  2. Your poor dog! Great to see the mother bird! You're still lucky, because the blue jays have their nest so hidden and high, I can't even take pics (need a more expensive lens -that's out of the question now).
    Thank you so much for sharing your post with SEASONS - sorry for the inconvenience of getting back to the blog -
    I don't know enough of wordpress to make it easier on you (because at wordpress I can't have the post and the linky list on the same page - the owner of the linky list communicated that).
    Also with wordpress, each theme works different. It seems every designer wants their own individual mark on their theme! Sigh.. can't ask advise. The only one I know from wordpress who hosts a meme, has the same set up like I.

    The only thing I can think of is to first make the comment, and then link up the photo. So, after linking you can get back to your own blog, or visit someone else from the linky list.
    Have a great week Linda, and hope it does not deter you from coming back:) On second thought, you could make your comment from your wordpress blog!
    Hope you're not totally confused right now, cause I am (haha)!

  3. Linda, it's hard to beat a red barn. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you hurry back soon.

  4. I rather like your photo of the bird leaving the bird box -- blur and all.

  5. Lovely shots. And so glad to hear that Flash is recovering nicely.

  6. The pictures of the bird are great!

  7. The birds are very busy right now. Flash does look pleased.

  8. Glad that Flash is on the mend and feeling better. The birds photos are great. They fly so fast and are very hard to capture.

  9. Beautiful photos !! I hope that Flash quickly comes to health !!

  10. There is just something about a red barn.

  11. Great photos! Flash looks like such a sweet companion.

  12. Good to hear Flash is smiling again.
    Nice looking barn
    How fun to have baby birds. Great shot of the parents with food for the little ones.


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