May 9, 2016

Hardy County Random-osity

The Good, The Random, The Fun

Although Hardy County is in another state, it's practically next door to us because the West Virginia line borders Shenandoah County. We drove over there yesterday to enjoy the scenery and see some local art.

The Good: I met this good little dog at the Lost River Artisans Co-op, which recently moved from their old barn to a building which has running water and heat.

The Random: Their building is surrounded by rural scenes. I took some photos for The Barn Collective. Since these show bright colors of early spring, I'm also sharing them with Seasons.

The Fun: Frank noticed this mural of "The Hulk" at the top of the stairs in the Mansion on Main. That's an art gallery in Wardensville.

They have art classes for children.  In the classroom, I noticed that students are allowed to decorate the windows.
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  1. Thanks Linda for sharing some sights of your beautiful countryside. The new bright green of spring is always a welcomed sight. Enjoy your day and I hope to see you back again.

  2. The doggie's a sweetie.

    I think from the outside, West Virginia's one of those states that gets perpetually overlooked, like Rhode Island or Delaware.

  3. That little dog looks cute. I love the bright green of the leaves in the trees when they first come out in the spring. The Hulk mural is a fun one. :)

  4. Nice interesting set of photos. I love that little dog, he looks like he knows what he wants to do.

  5. Hello, pretty rural scenes. I love the cute dog. The kids would love the Hulk mural. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  6. Your dog? My goodness the barn in the next pic is so huge!!! Do you know what it's used for? Many thanks for being a part of SEASONS with you beautiful landscape
    - my favorite green time of the year (it's not long in in California!) Am so happy you're also not a red-hatter:)

  7. Good, random and a lot of fun!

    All the best Jan

  8. I wonder if teaching kids to draw on windows is a good thing. They might think they can draw on anything.


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