May 17, 2016

Downtown Front Royal Randoms

The Good:  This old locomotive is a treasure! It stands on a short section of track behind the Warren Heritage Society's Ivy Lodge on Chester Street. This once hauled limestone at the Riverton Quarry and it was restored by Moyers Automotive. The engine was made in 1944 and the two tipping cars are older.

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The Random: This alley in Front Royal reminded me of a European street.

The Fun: A little bakery on Main Street features a friendly face and an assortment of "Glorious Pies."

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  1. I really must get up to Front Royal one of these days. Enjoyed your photos Linda, thank you :)

  2. I was there today...but only for a moment.

  3. All three photos and your text about them are perfect! Thanks!

  4. The alley does look like it's in Europe. I'd go for walking down it followed by a choice of the glorious pies.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  5. Yum! Fudge pecan pie sounds like a glorious pie, indeed!

  6. Nice images. I do like that alley and it does look like it could be in Europe. I remember the Pillsbury man and his little giggle :)

  7. I like the "Little Engine that could" and the dough boy! If you look there are treasures all around us. Thanks for stopping by and please hurry back.

  8. Had rhubarb pie just a few seconds ago.


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