May 1, 2016

CDP Theme Day: Smell

City Daily Photo has themes for the first of each month and May's theme was a challenge: Smell.
I'm not Sick; I'm Allergic to Perfume!
Sometimes smells that many consider pleasing are unwelcome to me. Most perfumes give me a headache and a feeling of lack of oxygen. Sometimes I get "brain fog" and my legs go weak.  I know people who get even worse reactions!

So that's why I made this photo. I wrote "Allergic to Perfume" on a dust mask because people with allergies often wear dust masks to protect themselves. The first pictures I took did not satisfy me so I tried a mode called X-Ray that came with my iPad because allergy is a health issue.

Yes, the picture looks freakish, but allergies can make you feel freakish! By the way, the marker I used to write on the mask had an odor that gave me a bit of a headache. But it's worth a sacrifice to raise some awareness about chemical allergies.

There are plenty of articles about the toxins commonly found in perfumes. (See this one from Time.) Please limit your fragrance use to the privacy of your home (but not around infants, asthmatics,  or delicate pets like birds). Don't share them with the rest of us!
Surveys found that "30.5% of the general population reported scented products on others irritating, 19% reported adverse health effects from air fresheners, and 10.9% reported irritation by scented laundry products vented outside. This study reveals that a considerable percentage of the U.S. population reports adverse health effects or irritation from fragranced products, with higher percentages among those with asthma and chemical sensitivity. "~ PubMed, 2009
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  1. Yes, rather freakish, but very telling. I'm very sensitive to smells of all kinds, but I'm glad to say I'm not allergic. Allergies can be so very difficult to live with.

  2. Some of my students wear WAY too much cologne and I think I may have to eventually say something :)

  3. My wife has those same issues with perfumes, cologne, pollutants, etc. I get an upset stomach if I come in contact with perfume. Some places I have gone to have signs up telling people to not to come in with fragrances like that on which I think is a great idea. I like how you addressed this issue with your photo.

  4. Another Point of view about smell.

  5. Your photo does a great job of conveying the message. I don't usually care for perfume or cologne either. I'm not allergic, but so much of the time it seems too strong.

  6. I try to stay away from fragrances in soaps and cleaning products

  7. A creative image! I have seen the odd person walking around with a surgical mask- I imagine that's the reason.

  8. Although I'm not allergic to fragrance, I don't like smelling a large amount of it. Many times when I ride public transportation on my way to work I'm assaulted by people who have doused themselves with way too much.

  9. Now that is the way to create a good image, which stays with you!

    All the best Jan

  10. at first the image made me smile. But then I read the words. Allergy is not fun :(

  11. I don't wear perfume more because I am sensitive to the smell.


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