April 4, 2016

Timberville Randoms

On our way from Orkney Springs to New Market, we passed through Timberville. I'm using the format of The Good, The Random, and The Fun to show photos from this Shenandoah Valley town.

The Good: I like public art, and this mural is the reason I stopped to take pictures. It's on a wall of the Plains District Museum. It is signed by Martha Henderson and Denver Fulk, 2013.

Sharing with Monday Murals
The Random: Thanks to PhotoCollage for making it simple to combine these Timberville scenes.

Sharing with Mosaic Monday
The Fun: What's fun about a World War II Lookout? Well, after the war it was taken down and became a play house in the Lantz family backyard! Now it is in the yard of the museum.


  1. I really like the naïf look of the mural. Very down home. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  2. Great mural and great mosaic, with a super selection!

    Enjoy your Tuesday

    All the best Jan

  3. What a fun excursion...lots of wonderful views!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  4. That's a neat mural. How interesting that the lookout was turned into a play house.

  5. A good conversion for the old lookout. One rarely sees millstones!

  6. It's nice to see the lookout building in the yard of the museum but also interesting it served as a playhouse for a while.

  7. Hello, I love the pretty mural and the playhouse is cool. Great post and photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy day!

  8. love that mural...looks like a town i need to visit!

  9. I love that mural, and the photos in the mosaic are things I would like to see.


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