April 14, 2016

The View Near Rockland Park

Waiting for a Train to Pass 

March 2016

 Sharing with Good Fences


  1. I have taken almost that same picture in #1. Similar lighting, boxcars, brush at the bottom. Then I realized you are in VA and we are in NC. Pretty similar vistas. Maybe even same boxcars!

    Greensboro Daily Photo

  2. Hello, I like the scenes in the last two shots. The sky is a pretty blue! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Nice images. I like the view over that fence.

  4. Há muitos anos que não vejo um trem, aqui acabaram-se todos, qdo criança eu andava muito com meus pais para visitar minhas avós!
    lindas imagens bjssss

  5. Great photo's, my favourites are the last two.

    All the best Jan


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