April 2, 2016

My Mom's Green Vase

 This earthenware vase was treasured by my mother. I believe that my father brought it back from his travels during World War II. He served in the US Navy and this may have come from a Mediterranean or West African port. I don't know where though.

The design is carved through the glazed layer. On one side is a rooster and on the other is an elephant. Let me know if you recognize this style of pottery.

I photographed this on a mirrored surface to maximize the lighting.

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  1. How about linking this to Tuesday's Treasures...

  2. A unique style, but never saw anything like it.

  3. So special ... but sorry I cannot help in identifying this style.

    All the best Jan

  4. That is a beautiful vase. The elephant's surprising.

  5. What a beautiful vase.
    Sometimes I wish that I would have brought back interesting things from exotic places when I was in the navy.

  6. Interesting design. It's a special treasure to pass down to the next generation.


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