April 26, 2016

Garden Treasures Near Millwood

Clarke County, Virginia

The Good: The first home (estate actually!) that I visited on the garden tour had this lovely conservatory. As you can see, plants are thriving both inside and outside.

The Random: I like this planter!

The Fun: An indoor pool in it's own building looks very inviting!


  1. Great shots of this lovely place!

  2. A beautiful place!
    Dreaming about my own inviting pool....

  3. What a wonderful little conservatory! Linda, lots of special things in this post. Thanks for joining and please hurry back.

  4. Amazing home, I need one like this.Not sure i would be able to keep all those bushes trimmed so nice, bet they have a crew.

  5. The conservatory is beautiful. I'd love to swim in that pool too.

  6. When can I move in??? :-) Wow...beautiful!

  7. Yes, that pool does look inviting.
    Nice selection of photo's.

    All the best Jan

  8. Great place and great photos Linda. I love the pool.


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