April 8, 2016

Five Randoms, April 8th

It's Friday and that's a good excuse to use the Willy Nilly Friday format. I have a surplus of photos so here are five miscellaneous topics, some of them suitable for other linkups.

1. A peaceful evening at the lake works for Skywatch Friday, Weekend Reflections, and Scenic Weekends.

2. This week's theme at Photo Friday is "Rough."  These stone steps are rough, and it was that texture that I was trying to capture when I took this picture.

3. Next we have a still life that I created on the dash of the car while waiting for my husband to run an errand at the courthouse.  One way to find patience is to do something interesting while you wait.

4. I thought this neon sign was clever, and it's worth sharing with Signs, Signs.

5.  The Morgan Ford Bridge is about to be replaced. It's a narrow low-water bridge across the Shenandoah River, which floods periodically.  Several people have drowned when trying to cross the bridge when the river was up!

The construction project will force traffic to take a long detour, but the new higher bridge will save lives.


  1. That first shot is gorgeous!

  2. All very interesting Linda. Great photos and I do love that sky photo.

  3. Hey ... a great mix.
    I do like how you've taken the shot of the glasses on the motor - great idea.

    All the best Jan

  4. Very much in need of a 'higher' bridge!!! Indeed. And love the "peaceful evening" scene.

  5. ༼❀ه° ·.
    Fotos lindas! Gostei muito da segunda foto.

    Bom fim de semana com tudo de bom!!!


  6. I can definitely see the need to replace that bridge.

    That sky shot is amazing!

  7. That bridge looks unsafe even when there is no flood! Love those old stairs and the still life composition.

  8. Great photos today! You capture "rough" very well with those stairs. That bridge looks downright scary.

  9. 1. How pretty.
    2. I like the texture
    3. Nice way to occupy yourself
    4. Interesting sign
    5. Oh that bridge does look like it needs to be worked on.

  10. such a vivid mix of images. i especially liked the second, the stairs/shadows.

  11. ok, now you've got me wanting jimmy johns! aren't they the best?!! love the lake and stone steps! thank you so much for linking linda!! hope you have been having a fab week and i do hope you will link up again soon!!!


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