April 22, 2016

Five for Friday on Marie's Birthday

Here is it Friday again (already!) so I'm using the Willy Nilly Friday format for current topics and some linkups, starting with:
1. It's my younger daughter's birthday! Happy Marie Day! Marie started out as a well-behaved baby and turned into a fine young woman. She works very hard in a responsible position in the comic book industry and has traveled around the world on her own more than once. You can read about those adventures on Marie's World Tour.

2. Speaking of adventure, I ran into some hikers up on Skyline Drive. The gentlemen in the photo are Rambo and Stormy. That's their trail names, nicknames acquired by hiking the Appalachian Trail.
The younger man is a through-hiker on his way from Georgia to Maine. He is hiking about 23 miles a day here in Shenandoah National Park. He was one of three hikers "rescued" from a forest fire, although he says they were not in danger at the time that the ranger met them and escorted them away from the part of the park that was closed due to the fire. He said he had passed over an area where there were ashes and could smell smoke!

And yes, kilts are now in style for hiking. I've noticed other hikers wearing them.

3. There is so much going on this weekend, I had to choose from several appealing events.  My plan is to do some Garden Week Tours.

4. We had our spare lot surveyed with the idea of selling it. But first it has to be certified for septic because we don't have public sewer here. It's waterfront and should make a spectacular home site.

5. This is one of the cats that visits our yard regularly. I altered his portrait in Photoshop for Feline Art Friday.  Meow!
Have a fun weekend! 


  1. Darn...if we were still going to settle back in Va instead of OR now, I'd be looking at that property!!! :-) The App. Trl hikers are amazing, especially those who hike through. Happy Birthday to your daughter...she looks like quite an accomplished young woman. I know you are proud!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    The cat's a cutie pie.

  3. Happy birthday to Marie, she sure was a cute baby. I was interested in your meeting those hikers. We were up on Skyline Drive today and the Park Ranger told us about the fire and that the road was still closed past a certain point. We got off before we reached it.

  4. Happy birthday Marie! How many "children" you you have? Kilts - haven't seen them here yet (but I live in an ultra conservative area)!
    Inviting you to come back to SEASONS - April Poppies. In case you forgot - the photo link is open Sunday-Wednesday till 7pm, Pacific time. In this post I already see a pic you could link, but I leave the choice up to you:)
    Love your recent visits to my blog, so have a happy week and hope to see you there for SEASONS!

  5. not sure I would wear the kilt. i know a bike club who wears them also, I tease them about getting theirs caught in the bike spokes

  6. Happy Birthday to Marie

    All the best Jan

  7. Great pictures! Happy belated birthday to Marie! I love the pink blossoms.

  8. happy marie day! she's quite adventurous!! we get a lot of trail hikers at our kroger...it's just right off the trail...a nice bit of civilization for them! love the house and blooming tree! what a cute visitor you get! thank you so much for linking up linda and hope to see you again tomorrow!!


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