April 17, 2016

A Church near Shenandoah Shores

This church is next to Christendom College on Shenandoah Shores Road. It has a Front Royal address but is in a rural area outside town. 

By the way, the deep blue in the sky above the church appeared accidentally. I shot the picture through the car windshield and it was tinted. (Don't worry, I was parked.) I took another frame from below the tint but decided I like this one better.

Not far from there is the Humane Society of Warren County. I liked their mailbox so I stopped to take it's picture.

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  1. A very nice church by the post box wins the day


  2. Good church photo!
    Love the dog mailbox!

    In reply to your comment on my 'goose on the roof' post, yes it is a real goose. In some of my photos she has her beak open, and in other photos it is closed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog
    Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful church, and yes, I like the blue sky effect too. :)

  4. What an amazing church, dearest Linda, recalling the ancient origins of this so wonderful land !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, sweet friend, I wish you wonderful days to come,
    sending blessings to you


  5. Neat mail box, and that church really stands out!


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