March 10, 2016

Sign at Thoburn's Redoubt

Near Middletown, VA

The first time I visited the site of Thoburn's fortifications was on a Civil War tour in 2009. At that time there was no sign and I would not have guessed this was a battlefield. A Civil War Trails marker was installed in 2013.

Battle of Cedar Creek

Thoburn's Redoubt: "Like chaff before the wind" 

1864 Valley Campaign
At about 4 A.M. on October 19, 1864, the Battle of Cedar Creek began when Confederate General William H. Payne's cavalry struck the 5th New York Heavy Artillery pickets to your left near Bowman's Mill Ford. The sound of small arms fire roared into Union General Joseph Thoburn's division camps in the area where you are standing. Thoburn's men, the guardians of the Army of the Shenandoah's left flank,  rose from their slumber and rushed into the earthworks that they had spent the previous week constructing.

The sign continues with the story of how these Federal soldiers were unable to hold their position against the onslaught, but "in the afternoon the tide of battle turned in the Federals' favor."

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  1. a great deal of history in your area.

  2. I tried to go to: )

    and it said that it didn't exist.

  3. Very interesting Linda. So much history. We often take a walk on the Manassas Battleground and it always leaves us feeling very reflective.

  4. Great post, Linda! There is a lot of history in Virginia. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. A fun site to play, I love hearing the history

  6. I would certainly like spending time wandering the Civil War trails!

  7. Looks like a peaceful place. It's hard to imagine it being a battlefield.

  8. it's nice to find these historic markers

  9. The Civil War markers would be very interesting to read.

  10. I have always found the history of the Civil War to be very interesting. We visited Gettysburg when I was 10, the interested stemmed from there. I think the historical markers are such a great thing to have.


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