March 4, 2016

Random 5 Friday, March 4th

Lots of Linkups

 1. This cat picture is for a Feline Art Friday.  I haven't linked to that "Kitty Par-tay" before; I don't even have a cat. But I do admire them! This one was at the vet's office.

I altered this picture in Photoshop, adding a couple of filter effects.

2. Mersad has challenged us to post some scenes of the "Great Outdoors" for My Town Shoot Out.  The boy gazing at Redbud Run captured my attention. Earlier he had excitedly told us his family was going to have a picnic after they took a walk! I remember feeling like that when I was a child.

Also sharing with Weekend Reflections

3. I have always loved the great outdoors! My parents took us to many parks and forests when we were growing up.  Here are two black and white photos that my dad took of me and my younger sister at Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan on a vacation.

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4. We also visited local places on weekends, and of course I still do. Here's a picture I took at the Chapman-Beverley Mill when I was 11. Years later the mill burned and a group called Turn the Mill Around was formed to preserve it.

A few months ago Frank and I visited what remains of the mill. It's impressive!

5.  I can't talk about the great outdoors in our region without bringing up Skyline Drive. The views are spectacular! And since it's in Shenandoah National Park, there is nature to enjoy as well as many trails to hike.

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  1. I really like the 2nd photo of the old mill & all that beautiful stone work. The photo of the orange shirt kid on the jetty looks like such a relaxing peaceful place.

  2. Linda, you do live in a gorgeous area.

  3. Wonderful scenery and a gorgeous cat.

  4. yes, lovely post! especially with the mix of now and past. thanks for sharing - have a lovely sky week~

  5. Love the cat and the old photographs. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. The remains of the old mill are quite impressive. And love the pose of the boy in his orange shirt by the water.

  7. like the boy on the dock,made me want to go on a picnic. Food always tastes better outdoors

  8. Great photos, Linda! I love the outdoors too, but I'd like to move farther south so I can enjoy it more. I can't take the cold anymore like I could when I was younger.


  9. Passei para uma visita.
    A primeira foto é maravilhosa.
    Gostei das fotos de recordação, transmitem muita alegria.
    Bom fim de semana, com tudo de bom!


  10. Wonderful set of photos. The outdoors can never be boring and you're in a great area :)

  11. Super series of shots Linda, love the old black and whites of yourself and sister.

  12. What a great variety of photos you have treated us to. I love the cat.

  13. The lighting on your cat picture is perfect ... I think you captured the essence of this cat. Maybe you should get a cat, they make lovely, easy to care for pets. I also enjoyed the rest of your posts ... sounds to me like you had a wonderful childhood and it shows in who you are as an adult. Thanks, Linda ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  14. What beautiful images, Linda! Great memories too. Loved this post.

  15. what a pretty kitty and i love the older pictures of you on trips...that mill! i have to see that in person one day! cute shot of the little boy :) thank you for linking linda and i hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  16. I like that you joined in Feline Art even though you don't have a cat (maybe you should get one) - I enjoyed the family photos of you and the wonderful memories you have of those places. The mill shots were so interesting. It's neat they are preserving it. Of course that view from Skyline drive is wonderful.


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