February 22, 2016

Washington's Real Birthday

February 22 is George Washington's Birthday, despite the fact that we celebrated President's Day last week. President Washington was from my home state, so in his honor I'm posting some pictures I took last spring at his office in Winchester, VA.

I was amused to see a model of a hog in the back yard. A sign explains that Washington served as a burgess in Colonial Virginia and in 1761 he sponsored legislation to ban hogs from freely roaming the streets of Winchester, a measure designed to protect clean water.

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  1. Hello, even back then it was important to have clean water. I like the hog statue. Great post. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Interesting fact about our founding father! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very interesting . . . thanks for sharing :)

  4. That's a cool finding about the hog legislation.

  5. Interesting background. The hog statue doesn't have a friendly face.

  6. A wise move to enforce cleaner water. Queen Elizabeth's birthday is not celebrated on her actual day either - seems odd for both to have a different day for festivities.

  7. Funny about the statue. You would think the posted explanation would be enough.


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