February 24, 2016

Ducks, Geese, Rain Clouds

Geese jumping back in the lake

A heavy rain storm moved in this afternoon. I decided to cancel my plans to go to the library and stayed home. When the storm let up, I went outside and took a few pictures. I even took the camera along when I walked the dog because I was hoping to see a rainbow, but no luck. Still, we fared well compared to a few places in  eastern Virginia which were hit by tornados.

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday

Odd Cloud Looks Like a Mountain


  1. The mallards and geese look like they are enjoying themselves.

  2. I like your duck and geese photos. I would enjoy watching them.

  3. The ducks and geese certainly seem quite at home!

  4. Great shot of the trio of birds and what lovely rain clouds!

  5. Those feathred characters seem to be enjoying their world. Love the photo of spread wings. And the last cloud formation is quite extraordinary.


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