February 1, 2016

CDP Theme: Coffee Shop

It's the first of the month and time for City Daily Photo Theme Day. Merisi of Vienna selected the theme this time and her choice is "Scene from a Coffee House." Her city is known for its coffee shops, some of them very elegant. In contrast, the towns here have very few coffee shops, although plenty of coffee is sold in restaurants and gas stations. I can't think of a single elegant coffee house within an hour's drive. There used to be a "tea room" in Edinburg but it closed.

The first picture shows an actual coffee shop in Front Royal, located on a dark side street. The town also has a Starbucks out by the interstate, but their decaf is bitter so I don't go there. I'd rather buy coffee from a gas station! (I only drink decaf, unsweetened, and it has to be mild enough that it doesn't cause heartburn.)

The second photo shows a diner known for pancakes. Their coffee is drinkable but not great.

The remaining images include a rustic-style diner, a gas station coffee counter, and the entrance to that big-name coffee shop that I don't like.  I combined these photos for Mosaic Monday.


  1. No doubt the layout of a Starbucks there is the same as it is here. I don't drink coffee myself, so I never go in these places.

  2. I have a few coffee shops I like to hang my hat.

  3. In Canada we support, and love Tim Horton's coffee. On occasion I visit Starbucks but like you, it's decaf and not too strong because of heartburn. :-)

  4. Too bad the tea room closed - that sounds neat!

  5. I will admit that I do love some gas station coffee. Community Coffee ( in the south ) is a favorite.

    1. I like the coffee at Sheetz (gas station and mini mart) and also at Love's Truck Stop.

  6. Beautiful photographs!
    I was looking forward to see what you'd find, you did not disappoint! :-) Love the last shot, the lady by the door, like a scene from a movie.
    If you ever happen to be in the DC area, in Bethesda, MD, on Bethesda Road, there is a Quartermaine Café with coffee so good, I try to pass by there as often as I can when I visit. The other favorite of mine is Firehook Bakery on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Library of Congress. Good coffee, excellent sandwiches (wished I had one right now) and they also bake very fine pastries. Both places are close to Metro Stations (Bethesda and Capitol South).

  7. I always make my coffee at home unless I am traveling. Great shots. Have a great day and week ahead!

  8. Neat pictures. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do like to drink tea. I rarely go to these sorts of places, but when I do, I have some pastry or a doughnut to go along with the tea. :)

  9. What a charming place. Love your contribution to theme day.


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