February 9, 2016

After Snowzilla

My trail camera recorded enough images of the snow to show how it receded. Since the camera was tied on a post, the images look similar.  I selected one from each day starting January 24. I made that the big image and the other ones start on the top left and go across and then down. By the last picture, the ground is starting to show.  I think all the afternoons in late January had temperature above freezing so the snow just melted down. Even now the ground out there is wet and muddy.

You can see a squirrel in several of the images. I wanted to make him more visible to you so I cropped one of them.


  1. Hello, these are great. You could use these images for a tree following. Cute squirrel. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. It's neat to see how things progress through the day. That squirrel looks like he is getting his exercise.

  3. Quite a difference. Yes, it's fun to see the squirrel!

  4. Very interesting seeing the changes occur everyday. That squirrel looks tuckered out as he approaches the tree.

  5. Got more white stuff this morning. The poor critters are all getting ready for spring and hating the intense cold.

  6. interesting way of capturing what happens :) Cool to get the squirrel as well.


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