February 7, 2016

A Walk Near Skyline High School

The road to the dog park is still closed due to flooding, so today we took Flash to the other end of the Eastham Park trail next to Skyline High School. The trail winds down a hill to the South Fork of the Shenandoah, but before you reach the river you pass under a railroad underpass. Recently it was closed but today it was passable if you didn't mind getting your shoes wet. 

Water from rapidly melting snow was running through the narrow underpass but on one side it was only one to two inches deep. Frank was not wearing waterproof shoes so he waited for me while I walked through and down to the river to take a few pictures.

We saw a young girl splash through the tunnel on a skateboard. She was smiling.

We retraced our steps back to the car. Then we went to a gas station and filled up for $1.59 a gallon, the cheapest rate that we've paid in years.

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  1. I see Flash must sniff at everything!

    There's an underpass along one of the rivers here- the bike path often gets closed off in the spring because the river level rises just enough to submerge it for a few days.

    1. Yes, he is constantly sniffing. It slows us down.

  2. What we do to get that photo :) Glad that the water wasn't too deep and that you still could get your photos.

  3. Nice pictures! We paid $1.41 a gallon for gas here over this past weekend. I could hardly believe it!

  4. Looks like an enjoyable walk! Gas is pretty cheap here too.

  5. It is -2 with 25 mph winds here. Takes your breath away.


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