February 5, 2016

A Walk at Dickey Ridge

Yesterday the weather was decent so I drove Flash to the dog park — almost. As we approached, I could see the road was closed! It appeared to be flooded at the point where it passes under the railroad and there was a barricade across it. I turned the car around and decided to see if Skyline Drive was open. The entrance was only a short drive from where we were. That section of Shenandoah National Park had been closed for over a week due to the snowstorm, although the middle section had opened up a almost a week ago.

It turned out that the Drive was open so we headed for Dickey Ridge. On the way I stopped at the first overlook and looked out toward Front Royal. In the first picture you can see that view. The dog park is near the bend in the Shenandoah in the center of the photo. We continued up to Dickey Ridge Visitor Center, which is closed for the winter except for a couple of rest rooms.

The parking lot had been plowed and the snow on the lawn had either melted or been worn away by the deer who browse there. We walked around the Visitor Center and down to the road, then along the road to the entrance near the picnic area and then back across the parking lot to the car. The picnic area is closed and was still snowy. We didn't have a long walk but that didn't matter because the temperature was dropping and approaching the freezing point, so I was glad to get back in the car.


  1. What lovely views and a gorgeous dog!

  2. Beautiful views- that final shot's a stunner.

    Flash seems to take it all in stride.

  3. What a beautiful area to walk the dog.

  4. I'm glad the Drive was open so you could get these wonderful pictures. I'm pretty sure we've stopped at that Visitor Center, although the weather was a little warmer than when you visited.

  5. Pretty scenes. I really like that last shot.

  6. lovely sceneries specially the first and the last 3 photos...

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