January 11, 2016

Various Views of Skyline Drive

The town of Luray is known as a tourist town near Skyline Drive. It's also known for it's caverns and it's murals. This mural next to the scooter store shows a cyclist enjoying Skyline Drive. Since the lower right corner is obscured by a rail, I photographed it separately so you can see the road sign and a faded signature next to a star.

Sharing with Monday Murals

I love Skyline Drive and it's not far from home so I visit there often. I've posted many pictures from there and I have many more — more than I can ever show you. Here's a few I combined on PhotoCollage. Now I can clear them out of my to-do folders and link up to Mosaic Monday.

Skyline Drive is the scenic road that runs the length of Shenandoah National Park, one of my favorite places.

Click to see a larger version. 


  1. ...so I came as a virtual tourist.
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. It's always nice when a mural is signed. I like the style of painting. Nice find!

  3. It has been a while since I have been on skyline.

  4. we haven't been to luray yet...must put it on my list!

  5. A drive you can never get tired of taking!

  6. Cool mural. The photos in the collage are beautiful.

  7. I've been to Skyline drive....years ago.

  8. I love the idea that the mural is used a a mileage advisory. A first for the meme. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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