January 23, 2016

Tree, Birds, and Two Feet of Snow

Before the storm ended,  our total snowfall was even more than two feet! My guess is 30 inches so far, an unusual amount for Virginia. We did have that much in 2003 at Bryce Resort. We weren't living there then but had gone up for a long weekend and were snowed in for 5 days!


  1. That's a beautiful photo, and very well composed. But however beautiful the scene, I'm VERY glad we don't get snow like that!!

  2. Wow---that is unbelievable. We only got about 6 inches here -but that was enough for me... I will blog about our 'tiny to you' snow tomorrow...

    Be SAFE.

  3. We lucked out and only got 22".

  4. Hope you have no major problems with the snow and get to enjoy it!

  5. What a lovely image! The B&W makes that trunk really stand out!
    Many thanks for contributing to Saturday Silhouettes.


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