January 1, 2016

Photo of the Year 2015

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door knob with shadowChoosing my Photo of the Year for City Daily Photo has been difficult. I was tempted to choose this shot of a doorknob in a sunbeam but it doesn't really tell a story and it isn't related to the "Shenandoah" theme of this blog. It's the sort of shot that appeals to photographers more then it does to readers.

Since I averaged several pictures a day this year, there were probably a thousand or more to look over. I made a folder of the contenders and then rated them with stars in Adobe Bridge. I posted the 2-star pictures in a collage with my New Year greeting post. Here's a collection of 3-star images.
Click to Enlarge these Runners-Up
Next are my top picks. I still had trouble deciding. The number of comments per post doesn't tell me much because they are pretty much determined by how many blogs I left comments on.

The lady cardinal was a favorite of a family member. But I have a sentimental reason for picking another animal picture as Photo of the Year.

2015 Photo of the Year:
A Portrait of Ben

Our cocker spaniel had congestive heart failure and died this summer. Even though he was a difficult dog and bit me a couple of times, we loved him. He had a sweet side and loved taking walks and going for rides. He also liked hanging out with our other dog.

Read his brief bio.

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  1. Love your choices, especially the 3rd one. It's a great picture! Best wishes for 2016 from Valladolid.

  2. That picture of Ben is gorgeous and carries so much meaning too. I also like the black and white of the swooping little bird a lot.

  3. All of them are wonderful. I like the lady cardinal too, but I think you made the right choice. Happy New Year!

  4. You captured so many great birds, creatures places and sunsets!
    Happy 2016 and wishing you lots more opportunities to photograph lots more!

  5. The photo of Ben is very sweet. I like all of your top picks, but I especially like the first one of the sunset and the church steeple.


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