January 25, 2016

Getting Out Again

Little Squirrel came back today. He apparently stayed in his home during the snow storm but with the sun shining today, he came looking for something to eat.

We got out today too! The main roads were clear and the secondary roads were passable, so we were able to pick up some groceries and have lunch out.

Since I took quite a few pictures while we were snowbound, I made a collage of various scenes. (Thank you, Fotojet!)

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  1. We snuck out to the library yesterday. Great squirrel pictures!

  2. Little squirrel, poor thing. Love your collage! Looks like you got tons of snow and those are such pretty pictures.

  3. It looks really beautiful and your squirrel is a cutie. Lucky little guy to have you take care of him in this weather.

  4. The snow feels quite fresh! Beautiful shots, Linda!

  5. Beautiful snowy views...squirrels are smart. I am with them. I stay home when a big snow is coming...

    and LivingFromHappiness

  6. Lovely winter scenes. It always surprises me how quickly they are able to get the roads cleared after a big storm.

  7. Great action shots and what a great model you found.

  8. Rain, Snow or Shine those little squirrels are just adorable. - Wow you really got hit with the snow. It all looks so pretty but I'm happy to just view it on the screen and not the ground here.


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