January 9, 2016

Dog on the Couch

Flash likes to lie on the couch, but sometimes he gets on top of the couch. Usually I bribe him to get down although I just might take his picture first. This first shot is an unflattering angle; things closer to the camera tend to look bigger.  Still, I have to admit he's big around the middle.

In the second picture he's peering over the back of the couch so he can watch me in the kitchen. 

Me: "Get down, honey. You're wearing down the cushions!" 

Flash: "?!"


  1. you both are a perfect team!

  2. He is so sweet :))

  3. Flash is so cute, great shots. Happy Sunday!

  4. He looks so cozy in that first shot. Such a sweet face in the second. :-)

  5. To borrow the words of a song, every move you make, every treat you bake, he'll be watching you.

    He's such an adorable dog!

  6. Flash looks like such a sweetie.


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