January 29, 2016

Another Shenandoah Sunset

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  1. Lovely skies. It looks like you live in a beautiful place. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

  2. Squirrel Ridge sounds so romantic.
    Fabulous skies!

  3. Nice neighborhood! Interesting juxtaposition... the clouds slant in different directions.

  4. One can never get tired of sunsets. Beautiful!

  5. Wow gorgeous pictures! Congratulations! I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award.


    I awarded you because I believe you have an excellent blog and I want to introduce it to my readers. This award is great for that.

    But I also know that awards are a lot of work, and they do not fit in every blog. So feel free to take part if it tempts you and if not go on with what you do best: Your blog!!!!!!

  6. The gold in that 2nd one is almost metallic.

  7. Beautiful images, I like how the tree leans in to the first photo.

  8. So pretty.. those colourful skies are such a treat.

  9. Wonderfull Nery lovely, greeting from Belgium


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