December 7, 2015

Three Recent Photos

The Good: The Strasburg Emporium has spiffed up the Dome Room. We stopped by on a rainy day last week and I noticed that the smell of fresh paint (not overwhelmingly strong) has replaced the musty dusty odor that bothered me when we were there before.

Various vendors sell antiques and vintage collectibles in the Emporium. I like this mural behind a display. It goes around a corner and I couldn't get it all in using my cell phone, which was the only camera I had with me.

The Random: We still have pansies blooming in a large flower pot. I admit I bring them inside on the coldest nights, but they are fine right down to freezing. Until last week I still had some petunias blooming too. 

The Fun: When my sister visited us before Thanksgiving, we went to dinner in Flint Hill, which was very enjoyable. She took this picture but it was very dark so I had to lighten it in Photoshop before sharing it. 


  1. These are great Linda and thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers. Your pansies are beautiful and lovely to see them blooming still. It is lovely to see a photo of you with your hubby. I enjoy murals, looks like that one is very nice. Have a great week :)

  2. What a lovely collection of furniture against the mural.

  3. How nice to still have pansies! I'm impressed!

  4. Love the mural! How lucky to still have pansies in bloom.

  5. We missed the Emporium when we visited Strasburg a couple of yeas ago. Your pansies are beautiful. We have pansies in the yard which we hope will survive the winter.

  6. The wall mural does a very effective job of setting a special mood. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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