December 1, 2015

Shop Windows, Part Two

It's Theme Day at City Daily Photo and the topic this month is Shop Window. I had a few applicable scenes which I shared earlier but they didn't excite me. I've been intending to shoot some more, but the weather was gray and rainy for the last three days. Still, I needed to go to the post office so I headed to Front Royal and took my camera with me.

The disadvantage of rain took a surprising turn as the sky grew dark, which happens early this time of year. Suddenly electric lights cast reflections on wet pavement, providing me with my pick for Theme Day, December 1st.

I like pictures that are a little different, so I'm also sharing a couple of shop windows photographed from indoors.  I took the vertical shot in Wardensville (see this post for a clue about that bright sculpture outside).

I took the final image in Sperryville with my cell phone. Wait, am I attracted to plates standing upright in windows? I had no idea!

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  1. Obrigado pela visita.
    Beijos e bom Natal.


  2. Beautiful window shots! My favorite is the last one, from Sperryville.

  3. i really like that last one! but i'm confused over "video and tan" odd combo!

  4. I do like the colour in that last one ...

    Happy December Wishes

    All the best Jan

  5. I like the view of the one from the inside looking out. That makes for an interesting perspective.

  6. Shop windows this time of year can be really artistic. - Margy

  7. The reflections outside are great! Fun to look out in your other photos.


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