December 29, 2015

Random-osity for Late December 2015

lake in evening

The Good: While Frank's grandsons were fishing the other day, I took this photo of the lake. Doesn't the sky look pretty? Evening was coming; the boys were reluctant to stop fishing and come inside.

Temperatures were unusually warm for this time of year, which felt nice but concerned me because it is not normal.

The Random: This is not the image I meant to capture. Through the viewfinder I saw a broader scene,  but apparently my Powershot is having problems. The zoom is "binding" again, as it was before I got it "repaired" by Canon... twice!

Several other images were also over-zoomed; in some the subject was completely out of the frame. The problem was not corrected until I turned the camera off and back on. It's still under warranty but sending it back is a nuisance.

The Fun: Susan and Kate's families left this morning after spending a few days with us and celebrating Frank's birthday. I put leftover photos from their visit into another collage. This time I used Fotojet, which not only lets me select from a variety of layouts but also lets me brighten individual photos. 


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