December 4, 2015

Random Five, December 4th

evening sky

1. Yesterday I was driving home and the traffic on the bridge over the South Fork was not moving. When the green arrow came on, only one vehicle made the turn. Perhaps it was due to the construction there, but I couldn't tell from where I sat. I could see a fine sunset, though, so I took out my point-and-shoot and took a picture.

Sharing with Skywatch Friday

2. Before we threw out the variegated corn that Frank tied to our mailbox post, I took a picture to show you where some critter had nibbled on it. Apparently he was short because he only ate the lower kernels. I'm guessing it was a skunk; we've seen one wandering the streets at night! A raccoon would have climbed up and eaten the whole thing.

3. I scanned a few photos from 1985. That's me on the TV screen, but you could only see me from the back, I'm afraid. I was helping with a "dig" at the old Apothecary Shop in Alexandria. They taped me carrying a bucket from the building to a screen where we separated artifacts from dirt.

On the right is a picture I took of a fellow volunteer and the City Archaeologist, Pam Cressey.

4. Here's another photo from my 1985 album. It shows Lynn and her friend Joel. They went to high school together and are still pals, although they live 3 hours apart. Once in a while they meet and go to a rock concert. (I posted a 2012 photo of them here.)

5. Mersad has posted Flickering Lights as the topic for this week's My Town Shootout. I'm showing two images for this linkup. The first is blurry but I like the archway of mini-lights.

The last photo is about lights too. I took it last Christmas and twirled the camera around for fun. You don't have to do this wildly if you are close up!

Also sharing with Photo Friday: Warm Light


  1. Nice sky and I love the abstract swirl of that last photo.

  2. Lovely mix of moments and photos. thanks for sharing. i like the way you turned the redlight-wait into a photo. have a beautiful sky week~

  3. #1 Making good use of your time.
    #2 If you leave it in place long enough there won't be anything to take down.
    #3 Looks just like you.
    #4 Keep on rocking!
    #5 Very experimental.

  4. Nice collection of photos! I too would take photos of a great sunset if I were stopped in traffic.

  5. Those clouds in the first picture are really dark

  6. I like this collection of photos. The nibbled corn reminds me we saw a deer eating the shrubbery in someone's yard in a highly populated city subdivision the other day. I was surprised to see it in such an area. I like the swirled effect of the last one.

  7. The sunset's my favourite shot, Linda. I'm planning on a New Year's Eve post of sunsets.

  8. When traffic stops, might as well make the most of the moment! Somebody has been nibbling on your corn! Interesting light experiment.


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