December 31, 2015

Not Qualified for Photo of the Year

In the process of selecting my "Photo of the Year 2015" I discovered two things. One, there were many fine photos that I never posted; paging through my blog reminded me of many of them. Two, I have almost 60 that I did post that I marked to consider for this honor so I have to eliminate some of them just to narrow the field. So I am disqualifying these because they were not taken in my region, the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding mountains.

Assateague Island, VA

In Southern California

This picture of me holding a little lamb was taken near here but I didn't take it, Frank did. So I'm eliminating it from my list even though I like it.

I like the final photo too but I didn't take it; a robot did. Actually it's from a motion-activated trail camera. This was one of two times the camera caught the bear in our back yard. I think the bright spot is caused by the focusing beam that the camera sends out.

Well, 2015 is almost over. I hope that the new year is kind to you and peaceful for all.


  1. Happy New Year from Vienna!
    We should be all so lucky to have so many outstanding images "not fit for photo of the year" in our folders.
    Looking forward to you sharing your world in the new year,

  2. Oh, these are fantastic pictures !!
    Happy New Year !!

  3. Love the first one. It's a great picture! Best wishes for 2016 from Valladolid.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Linda---all of them. I especially love the one of you and that lamb... Priceless.

    Beautiful flowers... I can't wait to hear more about your vacation...I KNOW you are enjoying it.

    Happy New Year to you. I pray you have a blessed 2016.


  5. Been too long since I kayaked (or canoed) or visited Assateague.

    Happy New Year, Linda!

  6. The lamb is sweet. I wonder what animals think of those trail cams.


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