December 9, 2015

Monochrome Rustic

The first photo shows an old antique store in Little Washington, VA. The store has been closed for a while but the sign remains.

Next I have a barn for the Barn Collective. This is next to Shenandoah County Park.


  1. Great facade with a lot of caracter. Thanks for showing.

  2. Linda, thanks for sharing your "off in the distance barn." I was out yesterday and took a bunch of long shots. Thanks for taking time out of your busy holiday schedule. I hope that you return soon.

  3. Those barns make wonderful black and white shots. I like the texture captured in that first one.

    Your comment about that building housing rhinos made me laugh.

  4. The barn really stands out in this black and white shot.

  5. I really like that first shot. It evokes a lot of feeling.


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