December 25, 2015

Eight More December Scenes

If celebrating Christmas is part of your tradition, I hope your holiday was filled with warmth and joy.

These are Christmas-related pictures, most of them recent except for one (left) that is from last year's holiday parade in Front Royal. 

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  1. Beautiful !! Merry Christmas !!

  2. What lovely shots!

  3. Enjoyed browsing through some of your December posts. I think our backyard has turned into a "Squirrel Ridge". I don't know if it is because of the mild weather where I live in upstate New York, but there are so many squirrels around, it's making me wonder exactly what is going on. Alana

  4. Nice collection of Christmas photos.

  5. Some lovely shots here - thank you for sharing.

    Also, just want to say ... hope you enjoy the remainder of 2015 and every good wish for the coming New Year.

    All the best Jan

  6. It looks as if you and your family had a wonderful Christmas celebration.

  7. Wonderfull fotos and post
    Happy end days Xmas, best regard from Belgium
    Happy days untill New Year "blog my city Mons in Belgium"

  8. Also a bit late, but GOD JUL / MERRY CHRISTMAS from me in Norway. Looks like you have had a cosy and happy time. Nice posting.


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