December 13, 2015

A Church and Banks's Fort

This Methodist Church in Strasburg stands on a slope leading up to the top of a hill where a water tower now stands. The hill is known to historians and locals as the location of a Civil War fort built by Union forces in 1862. It was named for General Nathaniel P. Banks, commander of the Union army here.

Across from the church parking lot is a Civil War Trails Marker titled Stonewall's Surprise. This refers to Confederate General Stonewall Jackson's surprise attack on nearby Front Royal, which forced Banks to abandon the fort here and head towards Winchester.

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  1. Great piece of history though I would have thought they would have kept the area of the fort as a monument, a water tower does not quite do that

    1. Yes, today it would have been preserved. But a couple of decades ago, locals only cared about Confederate sites, not Union ones!

  2. A great building. If you like you can also link up with "Through My Lens" today.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. A style that I find in this area also.

  4. Hy Linda!
    Inconspicuous-looking church attracts the most attention.

  5. we have a few that look similar to this style here too!

  6. A pretty church. The trail of Old Stonewall's always interesting to follow.

  7. I like those bright red doors on the church.

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