November 29, 2015

Two Churches with Baptist in their Names

Today I have two snapshots of churches, both taken last month. In my memory the first one was a Baptist church but I see from the map of Front Royal that it is actually St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. 

The second church is in the small town of Hume, Virginia. It actually is a Baptist Church and is next to the Leeds Ruritan Park. 


  1. Both very nice churches but I like the simplicity of the second

  2. love them both, my fave is the 1st, enjoy the brick. but i really enjoy the rural feeling of the 2nd, looks super quiet & calm. have a great week, Linda. take care this holiday season. ( :

  3. they are both so different...i am partial to the little white church :)

  4. Lovely churches. I think I'd feel more at home in the smaller, white church. The brick one is beautiful but doesn't seem as welcoming as the second one.


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