November 9, 2015

Studio Tours Random-osity

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dog on porch

There were two art studio tours this weekend that I wanted to attend: Trails and Trees in nearby West Virginia and Artists of Rappahannock. We've done the Rappahannock County tour about four times before so I figured we could cover their new studios in a single day on Sunday. We had never done Trails and Trees before and in order to do it in one day, I prioritized and just visited painters and a stained glass studio on Saturday. The sites are spread out through a mountainous area around Martinsburg so driving time is considerable.

The Good: The scenery is beautiful in both Berkeley and Rappahannock Counties, and it's fun visiting the studios, which are often located in artists' homes.

The Random: As you might expect in rural areas, there were farms. I collected a few pictures for The Backroads Traveller.

The Fun: Aside from the general fun of exploring and meeting people, we met some friendly goats! They were Pygora goats, a cross of Angoras and Pygmy Goats. Their owners are talented artists and I purchased some greeting cards. This was at Willow Run Farm near Hedgesville, WV.

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Old Cider Mill at Willow Run Farm


  1. Thanks Linda for sharing this collection. The log barn and the cider mill are my favorites. I will look forward to more views of Squirrel Ridge.

  2. What a nice and interesting posting. Looks pretty!

  3. That cider mill is fantastic! I like the goat too.

  4. Um belo passeio , adorável galpão de cidra.
    Qdo pequena meu pai foi criador de cabras, felizmente morreu cedo, então saímos do campo e fomos para a cidade ...mito ruim! bj

    1. Thanks! I think goats would be a neat animal to raise.

  5. Great photos, Linda. I especially like the first one with the dog on the porch. There's something about the light and shadows that makes it seem very homey and welcoming.

  6. I'd enjoy a tour like that! The goats look friendly!

  7. I missed our studio tour that was this past weekend but at least got to see some of yours. The goats are an interesting cross.

  8. It looks like two wonderful adventures you had and I enjoyed the shares along with your day~


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