November 30, 2015

Late November Random-osity

charging machine in parking lot

The Good: Front Royal now has a charging station for electric cars. I showed you Strasburg's in August. The two are only 14 miles apart, a boon for tourists with electric vehicles.

As you can see, this charger is located in the town square parking lot near the caboose. To me this is a visual reminder that transportation technology is advancing.

The Random: The next picture is another one that I took to entertain myself while waiting in the car for my husband to come out of a store. I noticed a reflection in the side mirror and decided to capture it. A little bit of a reflection bounced off the car, reversing part of the reversed letters.

The Fun: Leave it to Lynn to find an even cheaper version of a thrift store! She found the Goodwill Outlet in Staunton a few doors down from a regular Goodwill Store. She bought a cartload of stuffed toys for her pets. Here she's showing off the silly stuffed bananas she bought.

I'm a pretty good bargain shopper and I passed that along to her, and now she's better at it than I am. She laughed when I told her a story my mom told me. Mom took Lynn to Penney's when she was five and was amazed when Lynn pointed out a sign: "Look, Grandma, a clearance sale!"


  1. The stuffed toys might not last long if dogs are involved!

  2. You'd think there would be more and more of those charging stations as more people buy electric cars. I like your reflection shot.

  3. Scharging stations are good! So is thrift shopping, but I am on good at it! You guys should give lessons !

  4. Hey, I like those stuffed bananas, look fun!

    All the best Jan


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