November 21, 2015

Canon Fails Again

 I've sent my little Canon camera back for repair again! They "repaired" it earlier this month but the zoom was still erratic. This first image shows you what tipped me off.

It's supposed to show a couple of ducks sailing by. In the viewfinder, they were on the imaginary line that marks the lower third of the image (as suggested by the "rule of thirds" taught in photo classes). But the image that was recorded shows no ducks! They were outside the frame. You can barely see the top of a head along the bottom. The viewfinder was not showing what was happening with the zoom.

Fortunately it was a test shot and I checked it right away. I framed another shot using the LCD display on the back of the camera instead of the viewfinder and got the second image. By that time the ducks had almost disappeared behind the fence.

Why not just use the LCD? Well, I see more clearly through a viewfinder, plus steadying the camera against my face gives me a better chance of getting a sharp image. Even a tiny bit of  camera movement can blur a picture. 

It took a couple of days to arrange for the repair. I called Canon on Wednesday and they promised to send me a form and a label for returning the G16. The form did not arrive via email until the following day, and the label did not reach my email until Friday morning! Their stalling did not stop me from returning it though.

There are reflections in that first shot but this last one is more fun, at least to me.  It was just a puddle in the street.

I plan to share this with Weekend Reflections if I can get their linkup button to show up. I don't know why but blog hops stopped working for me today. I'll try the old turn it off, turn it on trick and see it that helps.


  1. That is very frustrating. I hope you get your camera back in good form. You'd think they would send you a new one!

  2. Hope it gets repaired soon!

  3. That last reflection shot is amazingly composed. Love it!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. That is strange. I have had problem with my lens for my canon. I had it fixed once and it was better for a while but now it is messing up again.

  5. Excellent reflections! The bottom one is my favorite.

    It's not just you. The Linky Tools website has been down for almost 24hrs. It's sad that six years of Weekend reflection links have disappeared. I hope this is resolved soon. I'm looking into an alternative link service just in case but that wont bring back the old links. :-(

    1. Thanks! I thought it might be some problem on my system so I am relieved that it's not.

  6. So frustrating Linda ...
    Just love that last shot!

    Many thanks for all your comments on the low carb blog and the excellent link you passed on to us.

    Hope you've had a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. Hopefully these things get sorted quick. The ducks do make for a good photosubject!

  8. I do hope you get your camera fixed quickly.

  9. I love the pedestrian/crosswalk reflection shot.


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