October 30, 2015

Yellow Ginkgo Trees

yellow treesLast year I discovered the gingko grove after many of the leaves had fallen, carpeting the grass with yellow.  It's at the State Arboretum, also known as Blandy Experimental Farm, near Boyce, VA.  Since I wanted to see it at its autumn peak this year, we drove there yesterday after an appointment in Winchester.

Yellow yellow yellow! It was glorious with yellow!

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  1. It's beautiful with the carpet and umbrella of yellow leaves.

  2. How wonderful that you were able to return and see the trees in their glory.

    We featured yellow leaves today, too!

    Happy autumn!


  3. Gingkos really are neat, but i've never seen a whole grove of them.

  4. they're marvelous!

    (as for the hog's ears, i think they were caught on barbed wire, thorns, bit, etc. and just damaged over time.)

  5. What a wonderful grove! Great photos! Glad you went back to capture the leaves at peak.

  6. They are pretty. If we've got these trees up here, they're not in abundance.

  7. Definitely wonderful shades of yellow.

    All the best Jan

  8. Oh how lovely. That last shot is my favorite. We have lots of Ginko trees here in town but not all bunch together like that.

  9. A female Ginkgo, what a smelly messy.


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