October 18, 2015

The View from Mt. Olivet Church

Syria, Virginia

This Methodist Church in Madison County overlooks the Robinson River. I stopped there yesterday to eat a snack and take a few pictures. 

The trees are starting to change color. At higher elevations nearby, the fall foliage is at it's peak, and Skyline Drive is in full glory!

Some people were trout fishing in the river, which is shallow and clear at this point.

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Location: Weakley Hollow Road near Syria, VA.

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  1. Beautiful surroundings of the church.

  2. Wonderful, dappled, sunlight. A feast for the eyes.

  3. You keep finding such beautiful areas.

  4. It is a pretty church and a lovely scene by the river. Great series. Enjoy your new week!

  5. These are beautiful photos. I especially like that last one with the reflections in the water.

  6. What a cute church in a pretty spot too!

  7. Quaint little church. - What a pretty area to fish. Loving the clear water and the lovely reflections you captured.

  8. What a pretty spot. Your colours are changing gently.. until they explode.

  9. Nice church though I thought it was the back at first, lovely surroundings

  10. Lovely church. I'd like to go wading in that clear water.


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