October 16, 2015

The Trail to Murphy Farm

driveway at farm
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Yesterday I wrote about the historic Murphy Farm at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I mentioned the trail through the woods that took us there from the park service visitor center. Today I'll show you a section of the trail. It winds down a ravine and then goes back up again.

We did not hike the longer trails out to the artillery line or the earthworks. Perhaps someday we can drive out to the farm parking lot and explore some more. (See the NPS map of Murphy Chambers Farm Trails.)

When we returned to the woods after viewing the farm, a nice surprise awaited us. Two deer were browsing and did not run away! They maintained a distance of about 30 feet from us, but we walked quietly up to a bench halfway up the hill and sat down. They continued to eat leaves while we watched. They must be accustomed to tourists because they were not startled by my camera even when the focus beam lit up their eyes.

Virginia Whitetail Deer can be hard to spot in the woods because their colors match the trees and fallen leaves. 


  1. Gorgeous animals! You were lucky to get these awesome photos of them. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great shots! The deer seem a bit smaller than the ones up here.


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