October 20, 2015

Saturday on Skyline Drive

Fall Foliage, October 17th
After we went to the festival at Graves Mountain Lodge, we drove up to Skyline Drive. I decided to enter via US 33 since we were already part of the way there and I thought it might have less traffic than the more northern entrances. We had passed through Front Royal earlier in the day and were delayed by vehicles lined up on the main roads inching toward that town's entrance to Skyline Drive. (We were headed to Route 522.) Also, foliage reports had indicated that the central part of the park was where the colors were at peak, so that's where we wanted to be.

Most of the traffic was coming south as we drove north, so we were not delayed much by other vehicles except in the overlooks. 

This overlook was not far from the Route 33 (Swift Run Gap) entrance. 

Frank experimented with the camera while I was driving, interested in the digital camera's ability to track and the way it seemed to increase light as daylight faded. 

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  1. Pretty images from the drive. Have a happy day!

  2. Skyline Drive, what a great name for the road. It seems fitting :)

  3. Hösten har kommit dit med ser jag.
    Ha det gott

    1. Yes, Autumn has arrived! (And I am grateful to Google translate for helping me communicate with new friends from far away.)

  4. Wow, beautiful views of the fall colors.


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