October 5, 2015

Rural Scenes at Dearmont Hall

Our tour of Dearmont included a look at the rural landscape around it.  These beautiful horses were served dinner while we were there.

A building that I thought was a garden house turned out to be an old ice house. In the days before refrigeration, ice was put in this cellar during the winter with layers of straw to protect it from heat during summer months. Of course, it helps that underground temperatures stay cool all year.

Shelves were built in this stone-walled room for holding butter and other items that needed to be kept cold.

The gentleman who went down the ladder to shine a light around was from the Clarke County Historical Association. Unfortunately his flashlight broke so he used the light from his cell phone.


  1. An ice house! That's something I haven't seen in these parts.

  2. I think that my barn has your beat in the forlorn department. Ice house to garden house...repurpose! Thanks Linda for sharing this week and I hope that you keep showing us more Virginia gems. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. The rural scenes are lovely and serene. I don't think I've ever seen an ice house before.

  4. That ice house is pretty cool!

  5. Beautiful images! The ice house takes my imagination to what it was like to live at that time. Much more time to traipse to the ice house for butter than open the fridge. :)


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