October 29, 2015

In Front of Kentuck Knob

The current owners of Kentuck Knob are collectors of sculpture and other items. I found some nice rail fences to share with Good Fences, and some bird houses and a London phone booth to share with you.

The house called Kentuck Knob was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We were not permitted to take pictures inside but it was fascinating. Some of the door openings were oddly narrow. 

This is our pretty tour guide, Debbie. She provided an interesting history of the house. The original concept was for an affordable home. Wright was already a very famous architect and designed the house without seeing the site, although he had photos and engineers' drawings.
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  1. What a lovely place! Love that flaming tree.

  2. sounds like a wonderful place to tour - and i like the quirky lawn features. :)

  3. The split rail fence is a beauty! Happy to see it on Good Fences.

  4. Enjoyed all the Kentuck Knob posts-such lovely color. And that sure is a fancy Victorian birdhouse. The hours of work that went into that were boundless.

  5. That's a pretty tree by the apple sculpture. Cool looking fence too.


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