October 2, 2015

Five Scenes in West Virginia

I've enjoy going to West Virginia since I was a child. The mountain scenery is so pretty! I still have pictures left from our visit there on Saturday so here are five for Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday.

1. Does this first scene remind you of a John Denver song? Country roads... take me home...

2. I've written about Lost River before as a place I went as a child. Lost River is the name of a river, a community, and a state park. This sign refers to the community, which is not incorporated but which has an art gallery, some historic buildings, and a couple of restaurants. 
"Settled before 1750. Nearby was Riddle’s Fort, frontier outpost. Here Battle of Lost River was fought in 1756 between company of Virginia frontiersmen under Captain Jeremiah Smith and band of 50 French and Indians."

3. I grew up thinking of West Virginia as all mountains and rural scenes. I was aware that there were coal mines, of course, but I didn't see much of industry there as a child. 

4. West Virginia has a reputation of being a poor state, partly because it struggles in comparison to Virginia. Many young people leave to find opportunities in other states. I've had friends from West Virginia who say "it's a good place to be from." But they also call it "God's Country" because it is so beautiful, and it represents a place of refuge.

5. I've known people who moved to West Virginia because they love it! And there are signs of growth and a thriving art scene. And here, literally, we see a sign of community involvement, a protest in Wardensville:

Public Safety before Paddle Boats... Fix the Culverts.

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  1. such pretty scenes. yes, perfect for the song, too.

  2. Social responsibility in that last shot. The second last shot really appeals to me.

  3. The backroad in #4 us my kind of stuff and the sign in #5 is right to the point.

  4. I love that picture of the old, abandoned house. Looks like where I am from :)

  5. I love West Virginia and your pictures are beautiful!

  6. I've been through West Virginia, and I think it is beautiful there.

  7. Yes, I guess fixing things isn't as glamorous as buying new things, but it needs to be done.

  8. we've only been to wv a couple of times since living here but it really is beautiful from what i've seen....great photos! thank you for linking linda and have a great week!!


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