October 6, 2015

Day and Night Critters

Yesterday I shared some images captured by a trail camera that I mounted on a post in our back yard. It's motion-activated and tends to capture a lot of boring shots of branches moving, but once in a while I get a picture of one of us or some bird or animal. In the first picture we see a cat. I can't tell from this distant shot but it's probably Mosby, a stray who wanders through our yard fairly often. 

At night the camera captures infrared images in monochrome. Once in a while it captures some animal other than a cat.

This could be a fox! When enlarged and brightened a little, it looks even more like a fox. What do you think?


  1. yes, it is a fox. How cool to have a device like this. You learn a lot about the life you don´t normally see :)

    1. Yes. There was a blogger about 10 miles from me who had one and got pictures of deer. I thought that was neat so I put one on my Amazon wish list and my daughter gave me one for Christmas.

  2. It's neat to be able to see what is passing through there when you're not watching.

  3. I want to get a trail camera. Some things have been happening around our cabin and we aren't sure which critter is the culprit. - Margy


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